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SOLARSCO2OL is an EU H2020 funded project aiming at developing an innovative, economically viable and easily replicable supercritical CO2 (sCO2) power block for demonstrating the use of sCO2 cycles as a potential key technology to increase the flexibility of concentrated solar power (CSP) plants. This will reduce their Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) to values below 10 c€/kWh in Europe and promote an innovative power plant cycle layout not requiring water.

The innovative SOLARSCO2OL plant layout, coupled with fast-reactive electric heaters and efficient heat exchangers (HEXs), will enable the operation and design of novel integrated CSP plant layouts.

key objectives

Flexibility & Efficiency

Increase the operational flexibility and efficiency of existing and future CSP plants by using sCO2 power cycles able to be operated at temperature levels achievable by state-of-the-art concentrators, thereby also eliminating the use of water in the power cycle.


Use novel sCO2 plant designs for generating solar thermal electricity in a more cost-competitive way


Help unlock the potential of CSP in Europe and worldwide to reach decarbonisation targets.


Making next-generation CSP plants more cost-competitive

sCO2 power cycles can perfectly operate CSP current temperatures, producing power with higher efficiency if compared with Rankine cycles traditionally used in CSP plants and without using water as operating fluid. sCO2 power cycles have a large room for cost reduction and also considering their reduced required volume/size footprint.  

In this sense, as heat exchangers can comprise up to 60%−70% of the total cost of a CSP sCO2 power cycle, a relevant attention has to be put on this topic. So, a new design with fast-reactive electric heaters (that would also enable PV hybridization of the CSP plant) and efficient heat exchangers (HEXs), can help sCO2-CSP plants become more cost-competitive.

Project concept

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